Helping Your Parent To Make That Transition From Smoking To Vaping

Helping Your Parent To Make That Transition From Smoking To Vaping

Well, after certain age you literally become a parent to your parents. If one of your parents has been addicted to cigarettes for years then it will be a hard task to convince them to use e-cigarettes which are considered to be less dangerous compared to regular cigarettes. We get it; it can be a hard task.

As parents get old they become more and more technologically challenged. They come up with new excuses to not try a new gadget. You find it really hard to convince them. Well, at the end of the day you have to have that talk. You should help them in that transition.

On top of it, it becomes really hard to preach about the good aspects of vaping thanks to those horrible news media reports on the same. Media has been doing everything to paint a really bad picture of e-cigarettes. That makes this task even harder!

Many today believe that e-cigarettes are dangerous compared to regular cigarettes, which is far from the truth! Thanks to irresponsible reporting on the media it is hard to advocate for vaping. It’s akin to swimming against the tide!

We all have to agree to the fact that e-cigarettes have their risks. If you are not an ex-smoker then it is not a good idea to opt for e-cigarettes.

Convincing your parents!

First and foremost, one must admit to the fact that vaping can be really confusing.

You will come across numerous types of devices and e-liquids in the market today, which makes it really confusing.

The challenge is to gift them a product which is well-suited for them. And if that is not the case they will quit vaping sooner than later. It takes a while for you to find your ideal device. A wrong device can easily kill their interest.

If you are a vaper then it helps. But at the same time you need to understand the fact that what works for you might not work for your parents. They have their personal preferences and you should get them a device which is suited for their needs.

You will come across plenty of starter kits in the market. The clue is to pick the right one.

Then you need to consider e-liquid. Nicotine strength is an extremely important aspect. It is your duty to ensure that your parents get to enjoy the nicotine strength they have been used to all these years. Else, they will be quick to say NO to the device.

You should ensure that they get the same nicotine strength as before. When you provide a system that works well for them it becomes easier to convince them to make a transition from smoking to vaping.

Are you looking for extra information on this? You can turn to YouTube and Google. Or you can speak to your friends. Or you can reach out to a vape shop owner who might have good insight. If you really want to convince your parents then you can talk about how you have warmed up to it. You can let them know about how you feel. May be you should help them get some perspective.