Vaping – Things To Remember While Choosing Nicotine Levels

Vaping - Things To Remember While Choosing Nicotine Levels

As a vaper you have clear information regarding the ingredients and the amount of nicotine present in the e-liquid. Same cannot be said about the smokers as cigarette packets do not mention it. Nicotine content might vary from one cigarette brand to the other. Cigarette manufacturers add nicotine and other chemicals to the cigarette. You need to keep in mind that they might add extra nicotine besides the tobacco which already has nicotine.

Dilemma of ex-smokers

As far as the e-cigarette users are concerned, most of them were ex-smokers. For them choosing the right nicotine levels can be a challenge in the early days of vaping. They have to keep their specific needs in mind while picking up right nicotine level. The good thing about e-liquid is that nicotine levels are pretty standard. E-liquids available in nicotine strength 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and zero mg. The maximum strength can go up to 36mg. We are referring to the amount of nicotine present in 1lml e-1liquid. In some cases nicotine strength is also expressed as percentage. Or in other words, unlike the case of regular cigarettes, e-cigs make it easy for you to find out the nicotine level before consumption.

The perfect nicotine level

If you are looking forward to an enjoyable vaping session, then it is really important to understand the significance of nicotine levels.

Throat hit and taste should be considered. When you use e-liquid with high levels of nicotine, you will experience harsher taste. You will also enjoy the throat hit. But not everyone is comfortable with a strong hit. Many prefer lighter hit which provides a smoother experience. You will be able to enjoy the flavor better in this case. But it all comes down to the personal preferences each vaper has.

Usage is another important factor one must consider. If you have this tendency to vape only few times everyday then you would not prefer higher nicotine level. But if you love to indulge in longer vaping sessions then lighter hit will be ideal; otherwise it might cause nausea and dizziness.

When you talk to all those ex-smokers turned vapers, they will tell you that they chose vaping expecting a similar experience compared to smoking. For them maintaining the nicotine levels was really important. And in case if they couldn’t they relapsed and went back to smoking. An ex-chain smoker is definitely not going to be content with a lighter hit. But at the same time, the experience of smoking and vaping cannot be compared beyond a certain point.

Sub-ohm vaping

As far as sub-ohm vapers are concerned, they go for a vape juice with nicotine percentage which is lower. Here you tend to produce larger volume of vapor. Here more importance is given to the production of vapor. Since you ingest more nicotine here you would rather stick to a lower nicotine level.

All in all, one should be very careful when it comes to choosing the nicotine levels. It can make or break your entire experience. You might even go back to smoking if you choose wrong nicotine strength. It all comes down to your preference.